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Knox services include a great team of talented trades that all have a strong relationship with us. Due to this we can not only trust in them for their unwavering quality and reliability but also for a great team spirit and happy working environment.

Building Services and Supply

Our amazing team are here to help you with all your building needs, including electrics, plumbing, carpentry, painting and decorating, tiling, plastering, joining, bricklaying and landscaping.


Building Management

Once your design strategy has been signed off, our team can manage day-to-day site activities and ensure that work is delivered to the highest of standards. With years of experience under our belt, you can rest assured that our management team will make sure all runs smoothly.


Interior Design

From flooring, soft furnishings, furniture, designer lighting to all the paint colours the team will support you with all your ideas, turning your hopes into a reality.  In some cases most notably our full time working clients, need a beautiful home created without the pressure of all the decisions. There are also clients are the first to say that interiors and design in general are not their strong area, Knox can of course cater to this and have done many times in the past. 

Knox Joinery Kitchen and Laundry Design

Knox loves a beautiful kitchen arguably one of the most important rooms in the home.  We thrive on designing beautiful bespoke kitchens and making sure that all aspects are accounted for whilst still delivering something beautiful,



Knox Joinery Wardrobe and Vanity Design

We will consider all the requirements for a clients wardrobe and then create a beautiful lit space using classic and great quality veneers. Whilst achieving this we also strive to create fresh looks using different finishes, materials and fixings.



Knox Joinery Home Office Design

Many of our clients practically live in their home offices.  It is so important to create not only a practical space but also one that can be enjoyed and is extremely comfortable. 


Bathroom and Wet Room Design

Knox is very familiar with designing of bathrooms and we believe that this space should be highly practical, relaxing and luxurious.  Clean lines and wonderful lighting are paramount.



CAD Floor Plans and Measuring Surveys

Our surveyor will come and take all the necessary and intricate measurements ensuring that all runs smoothly.  These measurements are then put on CAD so that all parties involved have clear vision as to the end goal. It is essential to the project that this is done so the work fluidly together nothing is missed.

Structural Engineer Services

We work with fantastic structural engineers who will come and help us with whatever is required structurally.

Party Wall Surveyors

This is a very important aspect to any project.  Getting party walls surveyed at the start of a project is a great way of protecting our clients from their neighbour's. Unfortunately, many neighbour's will try an attribute existing damage to party walls when there is construction next door.  Knox would always advise this but of course our clients will always make the final decision on this.

Electrical Plans

Knox is able to create all the electrical plans and the plumbing runs for a project.  In some cases this can lead to not having to incur the extra cost of an architect.  This is decided with Knox and the client on a job by job basis.


We have a great architect that can come and draw up the more intricate or construction heavy projects.

Air Conditioning Services

Brilliant team of air conditioning installers that work closely with us to ensure that there is a minimal visual impact and that at the same time we can keep you cool on these increasingly hot summers.

Garden Design and Construction

Knox has the most wonderful and frankly inspirational gardener.  We love her and she can work magic in any space large or small.

Planning advisors inclusive of Heritage Planning Advisors

We have wonderful people who help support us with all that is required to go into planning and dealing with councils.  Where we can we deal with this as much as possible but sometimes it is more sensible to let the planners get on and expedite the situation.  Again this can be discussed on a per job basis.

Complete Sound, Cinema and Internet Services

From the installation of TVs to sound systems, our team will make sure your property is kitted out with the latest tech to ensure you can host the night away in your newly designed home or kick back and relax to a good film in your home cinema.  All internet services and all required for a fast connection will be considered. 


Full Turnkey Service

Quite often we take a Knox Project through to the turnkey stage.  This is a service that results in a client being able to arrive at their new/renovated home and all is unpacked, kitchen fully stocked, laundry fully stocked, all beds steamed and ready, wine and spirits stocked.  There are other services that we also offer such as Christmas/Easter or any other important holiday or celebration decorations purchased/made and installed. 

Cleaners, Pressure Hosing and Window Cleaning

We have a great team of cleaners and services to get any property into sparkling condition at the end of a project.  These resources can be used through Knox once the project is over and is often comforting to know you have someone you can trust via our network.


"Knox contractors are regulars in the Knox family; we are a strong team and work together efficiently and well.  Every person on our team knows the standards that are expected."